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Upgrade Your Content Delivery

SWRM Labs’ decentralized blockchain-powered CDN offers high-speed delivery to your end-users with hundreds of connected peers sending your content simultaneously.

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Nothing to Lose, Tokens to Gain

Become a part of SWRM Labs’ blockchain-powered content distribution and data delivery network. Earn tokens by delivering content from your desktop computer or server.

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A Content Distribution Network for Today and Tomorrow

SWRM Labs’ hybrid decentralized content distribution and delivery
network can provide superior performance at a fraction of the price of
a traditional CDN.


Only pay for infrastructure you use. Our core nodes guarantee base performance, and peer-connected nodes save you up to 90% compared to traditional CDN alternatives.


By slicing up a file into shards, hashing those shards and distributing them across a vast network of nodes, the SWRM CDN is the most secure way of delivering data to end-users.


Since the Hive is a distributed network, when one host goes offline, there are always more hosts online to deliver your data. Files uploaded to the SWRM CDN are always available, all the time.